Document Use in Entry Level Healthcare Occupations: Essential Skills Resource for Aboriginal Learners. Instructor Guide & Learner Guide

The purpose of the guide is to provide some culturally relevant ES material to use in a heath sector training environment. The overall goal was to reduce barriers to employment success by developing tools and best practices for delivering ES training that reflects the ways in which Aboriginal persons best learn.

It should be noted that the intention of the project was to produce a TOOL (Instructor and Learner guides) to be used as part of an overall strategy for increasing ES’s. The guides we have produced provide valuable information on how to create an appropriate learning environment for ES for Aboriginal learners, as well as some excellent activities and resources to be used to build document use and oral communication skills in a health setting.

It may be most appropriately used as part of pre‐employment program or in a workplace with employees who need to refresh or upgrade their document use skills. Although designed with the Aboriginal learner in mind, feedback indicated they were useful with other learners as well.

Location Saskatchewan
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Joan Patterson, Program Head Career Enhancement , Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Project Details
Community Urban, Rural
Scope of Project National
Target Audience First Nations, Inuit, Métis, Youth (15-30 yrs), Adults (31-49 yrs)