SCcyber E-learning Community (formerly known as Sunchild E-learning Community)

SCcyber E-learning is a non-profit charitable organization and a fully accredited private high school and we have graduated many First Nations students since 2000.

Through our E-learning model, First Nations students can complete their high school diplomas without having to leave their home communities. It was developed to allow in culturally relevant content as well as integrate in flexibility for students to access material at their convenience online anytime and anywhere.

Topics covered include accredited Alberta Education High school courses towards graduation.
Duration of Program: Sept - June annually
Length of each session: Semester Sept-Jan, Feb-June
Number of participants per intake: 350 students each semester

Location Alberta
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Mavis Sacher, SCcyber E-learning Community
Box 91099 Calgary, AB T3G 5W6

Project Details
Community Urban, Rural, Remote
Scope of Project Provincial / Territorial
Target Audience First Nations, Inuit, Métis, Youth (15-30 yrs), Adults (31-49 yrs)