Outside Looking In- Future Leaders Program

Outside Looking In Future Leaders is an enrichment program for returning program youth in grade 10 or higher who want to challenge themselves to reach above and beyond the requirements and criteria of the regular Outside Looking In experience to explore the art of leadership. Through Outside Looking In’s Future Leaders program, started in 2012, youth explore their goals and dreams, and understand the necessary steps needed to realize those dreams!

The purpose off the program is to:
• Prepare youth for “next steps” beyond graduation by building personal management and employability skills, defining opportunities and pathways and growing a supportive network
• support Outside Looking In youth who are approaching graduation to explore future opportunities through a positive and encouraging mentor relationship.
• foster two-way communication between Mentor and Mentee that will enable them to learn from each other’s experience and learn about each other’s respective community.
• engage with Indigenous leaders to form a better understanding of skills required to become future leaders in their communities and beyond.
• provide additional opportunities that help build skills and relationships for youth who wish to strive beyond the requirements of the regular Outside Looking In program

The Future Leaders program is:
1. A mentorship program: At the beginning of the program, youth who are accepted into the Future Leaders program are paired with a mentor who supports the youth in becoming a leader. Mentors work with youth in creating goals, determining the steps necessary to realize their goals, and helping youth to follow through on the steps to achieve their goals. Together, the mentor and youth develop a supportive and motivational relationship.
2. A high school credit course: With the input of principals, a credit course focused on leadership, mentorship, and/or career design is selected and a course of action is prepared for prospective Future Leaders. Course topics include: Learning Skills and Strategies, Career Education, Employability and Personal Management Skills, Post-Secondary Education Planning and Transitions

In order for youth to be in the program they must be in grade 10 or higher and have danced on stage with Outside Looking In at least one time. Youth must be willing to: commit additional time for learning and rehearsing challenging choreography, stay on top of their academic work, have good attendance, assume a leadership and mentorship role for younger Outside Looking In participants and organize a fundraising activity alone or with peers to raise the $100 Future Leaders’ program fee.

To remain in the program youth must meet the following criteria:
• 80% attendance in school
• 65% average in academic classes
• Successful completion of Future Leaders assignments and exemplary behaviour
• A “green” status in the regular Outside Looking In program (excellent attendance, behavior and knowledge/execution of choreography)

Location Ontario
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Laura MacKinnon, Future Leaders Program Manager , Outside Looking In
(647) 350-5450 ext. 222
70 Peter Street, Suite B07, Toronto, ON M5V 2G5

Project Details
Community Urban, Rural, Remote, Reserve community
Scope of Project National, Local
Target Audience First Nations, Inuit, Métis, Youth (15-30 yrs)