Native Counsellor Training Program – NCTP

Certificate in Counselling offered through ONECA and Ontario Ministry of Education. Curriculum focuses on the study of education counselling theories and techniques from a First Nations perspective and provides the opportunity for on‐the‐job application.

Topics covered include:
• Counselling practicum & theories
• School & career guidance
• Sociology of Native people
• Education systems in Ontario
• Native issues
• Information process/career planning
• Field practicum
• Cultural & Community Activities

The program has been ongoing since 1977 – it is offered over a 3-year period 5 weeks per year held during the month of July and the first week in August. Students attend classes daily from 8:00 – 5:00 daily for the entire 5 weeks. They would do the same number of hours per session. Translating into 200 contact hours of class during the 5 weeks and a total of 600 hours for the entire program.

Main objectives of the program are to train First Nation Education Counsellors and equip them with the skills and knowledge to provide career support to communities.

Location Ontario
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Roxane Manitowabi, Executive Director, Ontario Native Education Counselling Association (ONECA)
(705) 692-2999
37A Reserve Road, Naughton, Ontario, P0M 2M0

Project Details
Community Urban
Scope of Project Provincial / Territorial
Target Audience First Nations, Métis, Adults (31-49 yrs)