Louis Riel Institute: Mobile Literacy and Essential Skills Classroom

The Louis Riel Institute (LRI) in partnership with the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) will be launching the Mobile Literacy and ES Mobile Classroom in early summer of 2019. The project will provide mobile on-site literacy and essential skills training to rural and remote communities. The project will be targeting communities without these services with the goal of increasing employment opportunities for Manitoba’s Métis citizens living in rural and remote areas of the province.

The 56 foot mobile classroom is fitted with a state of the art classroom, equipped with a computer lad, staffed by two LRI adult education instructors and remotely linked to the Institute’s Winnipeg Adult Learning Centre.

The LRI mobile classroom project is working collaboratively to support occupation specific training/employment projects being delivered on-site in rural and remote communities by MMF’s Education and Training (ASETS agreement holder) and Metis N4 Construction Corporation, a diversified for profit Project Management Construction corporation owned by Metis Economic Development Trust.

The Mobile LES Classroom will accompany and locate in the same communities as the on-site MMF’s occupational training programs and Metis N4 employment projects. Literacy and ES training will be integrated within these occupational training/employment projects, allowing trainees and employees to access the mobile classroom and work to upgrade their literacy and ES, 40-52 hrs. per length of project while at the same time gaining occupational specific skills and experience. Upon completion of the training/employment project participants will be better prepared to move on to further employment or advance training .

Each learner will be assessed for their Literacy and ES training needs and have an individualized learning plan. Learners will access needed courses and curriculum through on-line and classroom delivery and will receive both individualized and group learning.

In addition a portion of mobile classroom spaces will be offered to members of the host communities, providing much needed upgrading services to these rural and remote to these communities.

The LRI Mobile Literacy and ES Mobile Classroom is an inclusive project and will be available to FN communities based on request and availability of resources.

Location Manitoba
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Sharon Paranteau; General Manager, Lois Riel Institute
103-150 Henry Avenue Winnipeg Manitoba R3B 0J7

Project Details
Community Rural, Remote
Scope of Project Provincial / Territorial
Target Audience First Nations, Inuit, Métis, Adults (31-49 yrs), Older workers (50+ yrs), Persons with disabilities