Kenamatewin Native Learning Centre: Literacy and Basic Skills Program

Literacy and Basic Skills Programs within the Employment Ontario education and training. Within our mandate we serve all 3-IALS Levels (roughly grade equivalent of grades 1 - 12+) with goal paths of Employment, Post Secondary and Apprenticeship. We also serve goal paths of Independence and Secondary School Credit but not for this programming specifically.

We are the only organization in Northwestern Ontario that delivers GED – supported in one-to-one and group teacher supported environments. Funding is determined on a per learner basis (once per learner) however we see learners though to completion and attainment and that can mean having a learner in our program for 3-months or 10+ years. Our learners are multi-barrier including incarceration.

Location Ontario
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Katherine Shine , Kenamatewin Native Learning Centre
Harbour Post Box 10003 Kenora Ontario P9N 4T1

Project Details
Community Rural
Scope of Project Regional, Local
Target Audience First Nations, Métis, Adults (31-49 yrs), Older workers (50+ yrs), Persons with disabilities, Other