Connecting Aboriginals to Manufacturing

Connecting Aboriginals to Manufacturing (CAM) is an innovative employment readiness initiative based on a holistic approach and evidence-based best practices.

The 3 main goals of the Connecting Aboriginals to Manufacturing (CAM) initiative are:
• Increase Indigenous presentation in the manufacturing Industry over the long term
• Build relationships between the Industry and First Nations communities
• Create a model that can be used by any community and any industry.

The CAM Model
CAM’s goal is to help connect the needs of these new entrants to the needs of manufacturers by supporting Indigenous learners in acquiring the skills needed to better support their employment goals in manufacturing.

CAM has a strong grounding in the nine workplace Essential Skills, with a learner-focused strategy that begins at intake and continues on through to retention strategies designed for long-term success for both companies and Indigenous communities.
Company benefits from the program include learning how to effectively prepare a workplace for diversity, for retention and for long-term success. Individuals enhance their Essential Skills levels while also receiving training and experience in the many other skills needed for success in gaining and maintaining successful employment.

CAM’s program includes on-site and off-site training and mentorships, and facilitates strong partnerships between company and community from the outset to ensure all stakeholders get the most out of the program.

The program takes a holistic approach, supporting the needs of all participants outside of training (e.g., the individual, their family, their community, and the companies they work with). This allows Workforce Education Manitoba to more effectively ensure that an individual is trained and supported from intake, to employment, and beyond.

CAM is a hybrid delivery model training program – it was run in the partnering community for 5 months, and transitioned into the city for 2-2.5 months.

Location Manitoba
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Kara Finney, Workplace Education Manitoba
(204) 272-5046
1000 Waverley Street Winnipeg, MB R3T OP3

Project Details
Community Urban, Rural, Remote, Reserve community
Scope of Project Provincial / Territorial
Target Audience First Nations, Youth (15-30 yrs), Adults (31-49 yrs)