Communications And Math Employment Readiness Assessment (Camera) System

The overall goal of CAMERA is to equip service providers across Canada with effective tools that tie together assessment and instruction in support of workforce-oriented literacy and essential skills programming.
The Communications and Math Employment Readiness Assessment (CAMERA) System is an integrated assessment and curriculum system for people interested in developing the skills they need at work. It includes three components: CAMERA tests,
curriculum guidelines called Signposts, and the workwrite series of workbooks. Together these components provide a continuum of resources for assessors, instructors and learners.

Developed by PTP Adult Learning and Employment Programs, the CAMERA System employs real-life workplace documents and tasks to test and develop reading, document use, writing and numeracy skills.

Drawn from ESDC’s Essential Skills research, the documents and tasks together represent common activities in a wide variety of entry-level occupations and diverse employment settings.

The CAMERA System was created to help educational programs meet the needs of people strengthening literacy and numeracy skills for work. CAMERA tests were developed to provide information to both learners and practitioners on the skills learners
have and those they need to work on.

Signposts and workwrite complement the tests and were developed for instructors to
identify learning content, provide practice opportunities and monitor skills acquisition.
In keeping with the principles of good assessment practise, the
CAMERA System as a whole:

• Provides opportunities for frequent assessment;
• Connects test content to instructional content;
• Reflects learners’ goals in assessment content;
• Provides opportunities for learners’ success;
• Provides opportunities for learner feedback and participation; and
• Uses a variety of assessment approaches.

Duration: CAMERA began in 2010 and is on-going

Location Ontario
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Heather Paterson, Pathways to Possibilities: Adult Learning and Employment Programs (PTP)
416-510-3266 x18 or 905-622-9208
PTP East Centre 815 Danforth Ave., Suite 201 Toronto, ON M4J 1L2

Project Details
Community Urban, Rural, Remote, Band office, Reserve community
Scope of Project National
Target Audience First Nations, Inuit, Métis, Youth (15-30 yrs), Adults (31-49 yrs), Older workers (50+ yrs), Persons with disabilities