New Brunswick Aboriginal Workplace Essential Skills Project (NBAWES)

Initiative Description: 

The NBAWES Pilot Project worked to improve literacy skills among the Mi’kmaq and Maliseet populations in New Brunswick by adapting the Workplace Essential Skills (WES) curriculum to be culturally relevant to the learners. Adult learners in Miramichi and Fredericton spend 30 weeks with teachers and coaches improving their Literacy and Essential Skills. To meet the distinctive needs of First Nations adults, the program developed culturally-specific content. The Essential Skills curriculum and teacher trainer kit is for Aboriginal adult learners with a regional (Atlantic) focus but is applicable nationally. All 9 Essential Skills are included in the training with emphasis on reading, writing and numeracy. Curriculum is available online at COPIAN.


Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI)
Darrah Beaver, Project Coordinator,

Lynn Poole-Hughes, ED,