Northern ABE Enhancement Initiative - Nunavut Arctic College

Initiative Description: 

Developed by NAC in partnership with Pathways to Possibilities in Toronto (PTP) the Nunavut Arctic College (NAC) Northern ABE Enhancement initiative is intended to improve adult basic education provision in Nunavut. The primary program objective is to improve the socioeconomic livelihood of Northern residents through improved Adult Basic Education services; and as a consequence improve the ability of Nunavut adult learners to take advantage of the opportunities provided in the growing economic sectors in Nunavut. A number of interrelated activities lay the foundation for responsive adult education opportunities for Nunavummiut, including the enhancement of Essential Skills development. Topics in the program include: communications, numeracy, document use, English and Inuktituk literacy, traditional Inuit values, traditional harvesting economy to wage based economy, community asset mapping, critical thinking and working with others.


Nunavut Arctic College
Daniel Page, Manager ABE Programs
Box 600
Iqaluit, NU
X0A 0H0

Heather Paterson, Manager Pathways to Prosperity