Final Report

The Final Project Report concludes that:

  • FIMESIP increased the knowledge and understanding of the field of current ES practices through the development of a comprehensive national inventory of ES programs with markers of success, aimed at increasing employability and employment for Aboriginal adults living in diverse environments;
  • The Community of Practice widely participated in the development of the inventory and supported the dissemination of project results throughout their networks.
  • FIMESIP increased the capacity in the field through the development of an ES “Community of Practice” engaged in the development and assessment of the inventory, the widespread dissemination of results and a case study analysis of best practices in ES programming for Aboriginal populations across Canada.
  • FIMESIP successfully, as indicated by post-pre data, increased the knowledge and understanding of ES practices targeted to First Nations, Métis and Inuit youth and adults among those on the Community of Practice listserv.
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